The literature on PLS is very extensive although most of it is in the form of papers and articles in scientific journals as well as chapters in books of broader topics. However, there are some books mainly dedicated to PLS methods. Unfortunately, some of them are out of print and/or hard to find.

Systems under indirect observation

Syst under Ind Obs
  • Systems under indirect observation: Causality, structure, prediction
  • Editors: K.G. Jöreskog and H. Wold
  • North-Holland
  • Year: 1982


Latent Variables Path Modeling with PLS

cfa book
  • Latent Variables Path Modeling with Partial Least Squares
  • Author(s): Jan-Bernd Lohmöller
  • Physica-Verlag
  • Year: 1989


A Primer for Soft Modeling

primer soft modeling
  • A Primer for Soft Modeling
  • Author(s): R. Frank Falk and Nancy B. Miller
  • The University of Akron Press
  • Year: 1992
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La Régression PLS

regression pls
  • La Régression PLS: Théorie et Pratique
  • Author(s): Michel Tenenhaus
  • Editions Technip
  • Year: 1998


Multivariate Analysis of Quality

  • Multivariate Analysis of Quality. An Introduction
  • Author(s): Harald Martens and Magni Martens
  • Wiley
  • Year: 2001


Handbook on Partial Least Squares

handbook pls
  • Handbook on Partial Least Squares: Concepts, Methods and Applications
  • Editors: V. Esposito Vinzi, W.W. Chin, J. Henseler, H. Wang
  • Springer
  • Year: 2010


PLS Path Modeling with R

plspm with R


New Perspectives in PLS

New Perspectives PLS
  • New Perspectives in Partial Least Squares and Related Methods
  • Editors: H. Abdi, W.W. Chin, V. Esposito Vinzi, G. Russolillo, L. Trinchera
  • Springer
  • Year: 2013


A Primer on PLS-SEM

Primer plspm
  • A Primer on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM)
  • Author(s): J.F. Hair, G.T.M. Hult, C.M. Ringle, M. Sarstedt
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Year: 2014


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